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All customers are notified that they have a 5-minute delay tolerance.

After this time, the treatment will be canceled and will have to be rescheduled according to our schedule availability.

Therefore, we suggest arriving at the changing room 15 minutes before the start of treatment.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please inform us 8 hours in advance so that your space can be used by another client, otherwise you will be charged the cost of the treatment.

Termalimo Clássico

Season and opening hours

Low season: from January 1st to June 30th and from October 16th to December 31st, morning from 9 am to 1 pm; afternoon: by appointment.

High Season: from July 1st to October 15th, morning from 9 am to 1 pm; Afternoon: from 4 pm to 7 pm.


Classical Thermalism

Registration: To register, you must present your Identity Card, Taxpayer Card and Health Card or Citizen Card.

Other Documentation/Exams: Although it is not necessary to bring tests performed, they may be useful in prescribing treatments. If you wish to be reimbursed, you must be accompanied by a prescription from your family doctor to obtain reimbursement for the treatments with your health system and if you have an agreement with any entity, you must bring the supporting document.  

See also our protocols .

Expenses may be charged to your IRS.

Query: should make the appointment of medical consultation and even the treatments I would make, by phone, email or moving to Monfortinho, so it is no subject to availability and may have a prediction of the time of service. After registration, you will undergo a medical evaluation and the respective treatment prescription. The medical consultation will be valid for 30 days. It is not allowed to carry out treatments before the medical consultation.




Scheduling treatments: With the doctor's prescription, you must go to the reception to book the treatments, where you will receive a calendar with the times and places of the same.


Start of treatments: You must go to the changing rooms with the necessary time to change clothes and arrive at the appointed time, next to the cabin where you will perform the 1st treatment. In the changing rooms you will be given a bathrobe, towel, slippers and a bag. At the end of each day of treatments you must hand in the bathrobe and towel; as for the flip-flops, they must be used only inside the thermal building and will be returned on the last day of the treatments.


Number of days of treatment: The number of days of treatment depends on the medical evaluation. Our advice is to do 14 consecutive days the first time.


Type of treatments: You can enjoy Balneotherapy treatments such as: baths, showers with or without massages, enteroclysis, colon hydrotherapy, bertholaix, hydropressotherapy; Ventilotherapy (such as: nebulizations and general vaporization), Physiotherapy/Electrotherapy (such as: massages, ultrasounds, diathermy and pressotherapy).


Therapeutic indications: The waters of Termas de Monfortinho are recommended for:

• Chronic skin diseases: psoriasis, eczema, acne, cellulite, ulcers, burn sequelae and other dermatoses; • Hepato-vesicular diseases: dyskinesias and gallstones, chronic hepatitis; • Gastrointestinal diseases: gastritis, peptic ulcers, spastic colitis, diverticulosis, hemorrhoidal syndromes; • Rheumatic diseases: Arthrosis, spondylosis, tendinitis, fibromyalgia; • Respiratory tract diseases: rhinitis, sinusitis • Renal lithiasis; • Thermal wellness and rest services.


Drinking Water: Drinking water can only be done with a medical prescription and respecting the daily doses prescribed. For a correct intake, you should use graduated cups, and Termas de Monfortinho will not be held responsible for any effect. The filling of containers can only be done for thermal customers and in containers with a capacity of up to 0.5 liters.

Wellness Thermalism

The use of Wellness services is conditioned to the completion of an informed consent and if there is no medical impediment, you can purchase the available Wellness treatments, without a medical consultation.


Accessibility for users with specific needs
The Termas de Monfortinho have a high degree of autonomous accessibility for people with disabilities or temporary limitations, seniors with difficulties, the chronically ill, etc. For more information, please contact our secretariat.

Other questions

Infrastructure for children? The thermal baths of Monfortinho are equipped with a range of equipment for children, from the Running Water Bath, Circular Shower, General Vaporization, Nebulization, and Facial Shower.

Bem-Estar e Spa
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